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"Notebooks for the Culture"

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About Stationery Black LLC

"They didn't make them ,so I decided to do it myself."

Kennedy Dumas: Owner

During her senior year of high school in 2018, Kennedy Dumas founded Stationery Black LLC. Always having a passion for stationery and school supplies , she wanted to offer notebooks that showcased and inspired people of color.
 "People are able to see themselves in my notebooks, and  that's what makes them special", as shared by Kennedy.

What is Stationery Black LLC?

Stationery Black LLC offers illustrated notebooks that are inspired by people of color. In addition to illustrations, we also specialize in personalized notebooks. Meaning, any picture you would like for any event (birthday parties, business events, school events, etc) we can do. Stationery Black notebooks make as awesome gifts!

About Us


Personalized For You

There is nothing like seeing a reflection of yourself on a notebook... literally!

From birthday parties and business celebrations, to graduation photos, we specialize in making your gift unforgettable. 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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We guarantee your personal, handcrafted notebook will be one to remember.

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Committed To Quality

Every Notebook is delicately crafted by my hands.

From the cuts, to the binding, and all the way to packaging, I will ensure you love your notebooks just as much as I did making them.

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